Hello, I'm Nekesa Mercy. I enjoy working on projects that use anything Computer Science related to solve real world problems. I'm also a writer. I blog about any topic that interests me at a given time.

  • Now : Working full-time on my start-up Raining Vegetables.


Note: On going projects are subject to change and can be expected to have bugs and incomplete full functionality.

Agri-tech App: Raining Vegetables

Raining Vegetables provides services that make it easy for farmers to grow and sell food. We work with farmers in Uganda to use modern methods of farming so we can increase the quality and quantity of food grown. Our commitment is that no farmer should go through the labour of growing food to feed our nation and then lack a place to sell it for profit.



Mental Health Application

Journey to mental wealth is a platform where people can find links about different forms of mental abuse and resources of how they can get help. This project is part of a bigger cause which is to raise awareness about mental health and share resources on how we can help one another cope.


Code on Github


Hospital Translator Application

Google translate currently only supports 13 of 2000 African languages. Realizing this, I developed the medical translator which allows doctors to interview patients based on the Review of Systems (ROS) medical forms. The application enables patients to hear the doctor's questions in their native African languages which allows them to respond appropriately. The application assists in preliminary communication between the doctor and the patient.


Code on Github


Patient Portal

The patient portal is part of the Hospital translator application. This portal is where patients provide their responses to the doctor's ROS form questions.


Code on Github


Machine Translation Algorithm to translate ROS forms to African Languages

To provide faster translation for the Hospital Translator Application, I explored using LSTM techniques to create a model that could automatically translate the ROS form from an one language to another. For my test case, I used an algorithm to translate the ROS form from Swahili to English. So far, I have had some success with the results of translation. The algorithm will continue to be improved upon achieving better results.

Code on Github


Concert Seat Assignment

Concert Seat Assignment program assigns the best seat available (closest to front and middle) at a concert venue. When a user selects a concert venue and the number of seats they would like, the program assigns them the best next available seat.

Tutoring Serivces For Computer Science Students

UB Tutoring is a place where CS students could sign up for a private tutor and recieve help with CS topics. This was a senior year team project. You can find my contributions here.


I used Wandika, a platform where bloggers could share content and connect with other bloggers, as a web development project that I would use to learn and improve my front end and back end development skills. While I was developing it, other students (masters and undergraduate) picked interest in working on the project with me. With the permission from the respective Professors, Wandika was then adopted as a project by which students who worked on it and achieved significant success in the development of its various components, could use it as credit to fulfill some of their program requirements. For summer and Fall semester 2019, I was the team lead on the development of Wandika. Myself and 2 other students (masters and undergraduate) built the different components of Wandika as an independent study course to fulfill MS Computer Sciences requirements and BS in Computer Sciences requirements by the respective students. We all got an A in the course as assessed by the instructor based on our individual achievements in the development of the project.

Past Work

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INTERN Jebbit Inc, Boston MA, June 2019 – Aug 2019
Developed the front end of a web application that was used by in-house engineers as one of their tools during development. Fixed bugs and added new features for existing applications. Developed the application using Ember js framework and Ruby on Rails. Used Jira and Git version control system extensively during the project.

UNDERGRADUTE RESEARCH FELLOW, University at Buffalo, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Buffalo NY, Sept 2018 – Aug 2019
Worked with Dr. Oliver Kennedy as a research assistant on his research project mimir which is a data analysis tool. I built a tool called the type-detector in Java which is a part of the optimization implementation for mimir. It is one of the features that mimir uses to detect data types in columns of CSV files.

FULL STACK DEVELOPER, INTERN MANAGER, Fleet by MasT Analytics, Baltimore MD, May 2018 - Aug 2018
Managed software developer interns during web development projects in an agile work environment. Developed the front end of database management systems for clients in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, vueBootstrap, Vue.js, JavaScript and JQuery. I also developed the backend in PHP.

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING INTERN, ETS Corporation, Ashburn VA, Feb 2018 - May 2018
Improved e-commerce platform features that boosted client product sales through online purchases on these platforms. Developed these features in, AngularJS, NodeJs, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. Used git version control for team collaboration.

Discovered an ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool called dexi.io that expedited the data integration process. As a result, labor costs decreased while work-flow structure and efficiency improved. Designed and developed front end elements of websites for clients and also resolved minor software problems.

Updated and modified code for the church website which improved its functionality and simplified the over-all user experience.


I'm a self starter. When I think of an idea, that I think is really cool, that I think could change lives, I don't wait for someone to make it happen. I do it. I build stuff I belive would have a positive impact on businnesses, people's lives or my resume :).

I enjoy writing. I was the author of Engineer's Lounge, a blog where I shared beneficial resources on how to excel and succeeed as a Computer Science student in college.

I do have a life that has nothing to do with code - or Computer Science for that matter. I enjoy swimming. Nothing close to professional, just enough to say I exceirse. I play piano. It helps when breaking away from the routine of writing code. I'm a writer. Mostly inspired by life experiences.


I completed a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science degree from Universtiy at Buffalo - The State University of New York.


To reach me, you can send an email to kesamercy@gmail.com.

You can also check out my Linked in.